Z4root apk is a wonderful rooting software which allows user’s to root their android mobiles or android Tablets without any loss of data or without any damage to the device. And Z4root app is one step rooting app which can be operated by basic knowledge person, why because its simple and lite.

Z4root apk

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What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process which is done on smartphones, Tablets or in any android devices to give more privileges to users, in a simple term when Rooting done in a device it give access to all permissions and it is called as root user.

We all know that android uses Linux Kernel so when rooting done a user can get all permissions like a super user.

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of Rooting your android device?

Root or Rooting? These terms are used all the time in android community so as to root your devices. What is root mean exactly? Think of it as being similar to administrator privileges. The act of rooting is giving yourself access to the root directory on the system partition.

In other words, you gain total control over your device. This control enables you to allow actions to take place that otherwise couldn’t.

Rooting Androud phone

First and foremost, if you have no other reason to root your android device. Should do it for the power of backups. Setting up a new device is fun for the first time. But if something goes wrong setting it up a second or third time is painstakingly boring and repetitive.

Using various forms of backups you can restore your device to exactly how it was before one application by the name of titanium backup for instance. Which gives you automate control of your applications application data and much more. When you set up the device again simply restore your backups and pick up where you left off.

Android devices these days come with a ton of bloat ware applications, wallpapers, services and other stored hiding content out of the box. The greatest aspects of having access to the root directory is the ability to remove said bloat ware and free of wasted space.

By rooting a smartphone user’s can get so many benefits, they can get  complete control over the look and feel of the device.

As a root user a user can access all the system files and OS files. If a user’s have coding language then  they can able to customize entire files as they need in any android rooted device.

Some of the benefits or advantages of rooting as follows:

  • Complete customization as you need like theme customization, battery icon changes boot screen and you can able to change the complete visualization of a device
  • You can get Complete control on Kernel, GPU and CPU.
  • You can get Complete control on all applications, from this you can able to delete preloaded apps.
  • You can able to install Custom Rom’s in a rooted device.

There is only one drawback of rooting is that Void the warranty of the device.

Top 5 things you should do after Rooting Your Android with Z4Root APK

The chances are you have all that you android device and looking out for things to do on your rooted device. Rooting is useless unless you know how to use it this about exactly that and talking about the top 5 things that you must do after rooting update to the android device.

The very first thing that you need to do after you rooted android device up is go ahead and install the custom recovery (CRM).

What is custom recovery?

Custom recover is a basically a customized on a more advanced version of a phone recovery, once installed that you can do a lot more things on android device.

Custom Recovery

Custom Recovery

Custom recovery allows you to install ZIP file it allows you to flash custom Rom’s on your phone. It allows you to wipe, manage cache and partition and even format your phone.

On the top of that you can create a android back up which means backing up your entire android system. So it makes it very easy to switch in ROM’s etc. So, If you don’t have a custom recovery. Go ahead and install the custom recovery out there From below link you can able to pick specific custom recovery for you mobile .

TWRP Custom Recovery

TWRP Custom Recovery

The second thing that you should try again after rooting your android device is installing a custom ROM. The custom ROM have the sole reason is why 50 percent of people use root the android device in first case.

Custom ROM have basically a customized had advanced more featured version of android operating system. Using custom ROM have had more features added useless features are removed, bloat wares are removed.

Custom ROM

Custom ROM

So basically customer ROM is a faster version, better version and a better looking version of a android operating system. Primary function of custom ROM s are used in order to get a better experience of android.

Third thing in the list you should do after reading and a device up is delete those bloat wares. The bloat wares are apps whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires.

Which is not in use but keep on running on the background all the time and heating up to memory, eating your resources and also depleting your phone’s battery.

Remove Unwanted Apps

Remove Unwanted Apps

But it’s very easy to get rid of them once your mobile rooted with z4root apk application. Then you can download bloat ware remover application from play store to block unwanted background processing of applications.

Before the things after rooting your device up is increase your device internal memory. The major problem that lot of people face is that installing the lot of unnecessary applications which lacks in internal store in your android phone. So I did my devices and I swapped the memory now have an empty space.

The fifth and the last thing we should definitely try out with that rooted android device is customization and tweaks. Your device has thousands of customizable options and tweaks you can waiting for it.

You can definitely go ahead and install a custom all on the device you get a better tweaked version of android but you want to try it out yourself before you could place yourself if you want to see how better your device can get you should download ROM toolkit in play store and it’s a free app which has a lot of customization and tweaks running android device.

It has hundreds of different tweaks. Starting from getting the phone to figure like you can change really likes behave you can change the way you animation moves, you can change the icons look, you can change the volume limit, you can increase your wifi range, you can increase and decrease speed of your phone. you can safe battery etc. You can change the every aspect tweaking and customizing your android phone using ROM Toolkit.

Before performing all this, just make sure that you have a good backup of your android device so if anything goes wrong you back to normal and that’s about it does on my top 5 things you should do after you rooting android device.

Z4root Supported devices:

Z4root is a rooting app which helps  to root your android device to give you abilities to customize your device. Following are some supported devices to use z4root apk and you can check more here.

  • Galaxy I5700
  • Galaxy Tab
  • Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)
  • Sony X10
  • Xperia Mini
  • Droid 2
  • Backflip

What is the Need of Rooting?

The need for you to go for rooting your android device is entirely dependent upon the amount of help that you find the device to provide for you.

One of the best possible feature that can help you to understand more about the intricate details about the software version of the android mobile phone is to go for z4root apk.

Besides, you can actually have the option to go for rooting your mobile phone, not only in a very permanent manner, but also with a very good temporary situation in mind.

The application is definitely very much safe, and does not cause any permanent damage to your mobile phone until and unless you want it to be permanently rooted.

The basic approach that you have about this particular android mobile phone that you can change the particular software character and all the necessary things in between without having to worry about the option of going through the features of this aspect.

The basic necessities of such kind of temporary solution is needed in android devices, so that you not find yourself in a very bad situation.

z4 screen

As the consequences of you going for such kind of rooting, it is important for you to go for working on the features of such android devices.

Compatible Devices: The devices that are actually compatible with this particular solution would be the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, along with the Motorola as well as the Huawei mobile phones that are to be found in the market.

Sony Ericsson also has a bevy of mobile phones that can be extremely compatible with this particular z4root software.

If you feel that there is a need for you to go for the permanent solution for all your problems with android mobile phone, then this is the perfect way for you to do so.

Procedure to use Z4root apk:

You can download the z4root apk file, one of the necessary things that you need in order to install the software, and make sure that you select the option unknown sources in the settings.

This can help you to go for the need of USB debugging, and make sure that it is to be done in the perfect manner.

Go through running the application through the various options that you find, and most of them would be very easy for you to decide upon.

With the different kinds of rooting capabilities in the software, you need to select between the permanent as well as the temporary root.


Z4root apk happens to be not only one of the best-known software for rooting, but also presence a case, that can help you to go for understanding the rooting capabilities within a very short period of time.

Important Note: Make sure that the phone is rebooted after a certain period of time, after which, you can find that the rooting has been done to the desired feature.

You can then get the root access that you need in order to go for playing with your mobile phone to its wonderful capabilities.

Versions of Z4root Apk:

  • z4root 1.3.0
  • z4oor 1.4 apk
  • z4root apk 2.3.3

with any of these above mentioned Z4root versions you can easily root your Android mobile phone in permanent or temporary options.

So many web users are searching for z4root app in web like z4root download, z4root apk, z4root 1.4 apk and z4root apk download But they are struggling with the fake apks which makes their mobile in trouble.

So don’t believe on fake titles as download z4root, Here you can get Genuine and all latest versions of Z4root apk file, and follow the rooting steps without fail.

Z4root apk Download:

It is very easy to Download Z4root apk file. You Just Need to click on below link to Download the Latest and Updated Z4root apk file. And If You downloaded in your PC then You have to move this apk file to Your Android Mobile Phone.

Click on Below Image To download Z4root app.


Z4root apk download

Z4root apk latest version

Z4Root Latest APK Full V1.3 Info :

Name of the File : z4root.1.3.0.apk
Category : Root. unlock
Version : V1.3 ,1.4
File Size : 955.5 KB
Ratings : 4/5
File Type : APK
Premium App : No

Rooting Your Android Mobile Phone with Z4Root app:

  • The first thing you have to do is download the Z4Root  from correct location and you have to move it to your Android phone.
  • This z4root app is generally in apk format. Once you have downloaded the Z4Root, you can install it in your Android mobile phone. 
  • Note here that z4root apk is not available in Google play store you need to check “Unknown sources” from Application Manager and you may get a security risk popup, then  click “OK” to Proceed installation.
  • After installation done Open the Z4Root app from menu and from the opening screen options select on the root button. 
  • Your android mobile will automatically start and finish the rooting process. 
  • After the rooting process finished, all you have to do is restart your mobile. The rooting process is very simple, fast and easy to do.

Z4root APK Screen Shots: